FM Radio station in the Montréal's area. CISM is the students' radio of Université de Montréal and was founded in 1985. CISM means Communication Information Sur la Montagne, (which means Communication and Information on the Mountain, refering to the location of the broadcasting aerial and the university, both located on the Mont Royal).

On October 7th 1985, at 12h01, CISM broadcasts its first program only on the university's campus. On July 10th 1990, CISM obtained its license from the CRTC, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, (the governement founded organization that delivers licenses for broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada), and was now allowed to broadcast on the FM band.

On April 14th 1991, at noon, CISM became the biggest francophone student radio in the world, with an antenna of 10 000 watts, which broadcast at a 60 kilometers radius.

According to the licence delivered by the CRTC, CISM has the obligation to focus primarly on alternative music and underground artists. The station also has to be a school for people interested in media carreers.

CISM is a non-lucrative organization, owned by Université de Montréal's students, who have to pay a volounteer fee of 2 dollars each semester (1 dollar for École Polytechnique de Montréal's students]). CISM can be tuned at chanel 89,3 FM in Montréal's area, or on the web at from anywhere in the world.

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