The CIDCO iPhone is an internet access device shoehorned into the form-factor of a largish domestic telephone.

In fact, I'm logged into E2 via one of the little beasties as I type this node.

The device features a small 8" grayscale (8 bit I'd guess) LCD that provides visual access to the net with a range of contextual soft buttons. The screen is touch sensitive and a little nylon stylus is built into the beige chassis. Text entry is via a punishingly small chicklet keyboard that is probably allowing me 10wpm (and I have small hands -- it's the worst feature -- should support the Graffiti gesture-based system).

I guess my mum would be able to cope with this thing, but I'd not pay more than $US150 for one.

FWIW, the rendering of a complex data-driven site like E2 is really good. No glitches. This is a credit to Nate and the Blockstackers, I reckon.

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, 1st August 2000.

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