This is my son's future, if his mother will let me get away with it.

me: "if (You.Eat(Food.Vegetables(PlateList.GetByOwner(You)), EQ_ALL) You.Eat(Food.Desert(PlateList.GetByOwner (You)), EQ_ALL);"
son: "this->HATE(Food.Vegetables);"

me: "You.Hug(You.Mother) && You.Go(Bed.GetByOwner(You))" son: "== false; Television_Show.Favorites(GetByOwner(this)).IsOn() == true;"
me: "ASSERT(You.Go(Bed), "YOUR ASS IS GRASS!");"

son: "SubmitQuery(this->parent, this->Go(House.GetByOwner(this->GetBestFriend())));"
me: "return (You.Homework(HW_TODAYS).IsDone());"

Of course, his first words will have to be "this->Mother;"

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