I unpack the remnants of my life
Moving in reverse, living backwards
Sailing through cardboard, disemboweling the boxes
Like pinatas, sweet candy guts raining for kids to devour
So it is with my favorite books, pictures
Set up a figurine here, the finishing touch on this masterpiece
A house that could have been lived in for years

I blow dust on every surface and make a wish
I drag a trash bag around the perimeter
Free the papers, cans, chicken bones, and half-eaten sandwiches
I throw the empty boxes in a pile in the largest room
They fill as much space as a supercomputer
Sigh with relief, look around and be proud
I hold up the old photo of my abode
Everything is right
I crawl to my stained and sheet-less bed for a nap
And have the peaceful dreams of my youth
Returned to me the same as my home, just as they were
Untouched from long ago, awoken from stasis

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