I came home from school today and as I normally do, I checked my e-mail for my Everything2 Daily Report. I checked out a few of the cool nodes of the day. Before long, though -- right as I began to get interested in the stream of nodes I was going through, my internet connection cut off.

Now how annoying is that?

And it always happens when you're about to click on some really neat-o sounding node.

So I got to thinking -- if there was a way I could get a copy of the everything2 database for personal use that would just be infinitely cool. There would be a good number of advantages to "owning your own everything":
  • No lag or waiting whatsoever. Pages would appear as fast as they could be proccessed.
  • The central E2 Server wouldn't have to take so much load on, since the most frequent readers would likely own their own copy
  • The nightly database backup won't effect your reading
  • It would serve as a excellent desk reference -- kind of like having a copy of Encarta, only written by real people
  • People may be less likely to create bots to scour everything2 if they could just get it on a CD.
  • The blockstackers could make a bit of money!

I personally have no idea how big the E2 Database actually is, but I've seen estimates put it at around 40MB. This is not at all too large to distribute on a CD, or even over the internet. Updates could be availible for download either by month, week or day.

Unfortunately, there are also some bad effects something like this could have on everything:
  • Everything is not a TV set! Distributing the contents of Everything2 like this may cause people to be less likely to contribute. This would be bad.
  • Producing a distributable version of the database that made some sort of sense to view would take a considerable effort by the EDEV team. It may take a while.
  • Mass CD creation is expensive. Bandwidth is also. These are the only distribution methods I can think of.
  • I don't know how many folks would actually be interested in obtaining a copy of the database. It may just be me who wants it.
  • Voting and Cooling would be difficult (or pointless) if you were looking at an offline copy.

Looking at the deal as a whole, though, it seems it would have a positive effect on the everything2 community. I would be willing to dish out probably $50 USD for everything on a cd, so long as it came with free monthly updates and all...

And of course it would be completely optional -- nobody would have to buy everything2 to use it. Just the people who wanted quick, uninterrupted access could have it for a small price. Others could use it just as we do now - for free.

Anyone with me?

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