Buttersafe is a webcomic created since 2007 by Raynato Castro and Alex Culang, on a website managed by Arthur Culang. The webcomic updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Castro usually writing the Tuesday comics and Culand usually writing the comics released on Thursdays.

The comics themselves usually full-colour images involving characters with rounded, simplistic designs, and their themes tend toward whimsy and the kind of humour that might be found in a child's joke book. Puns are used frequently in the comics, as are fantastical and hyperbolic scenarios and concepts like "the floor is made of lava everywhere" and "the world's largest drinking straw." There are several recurring characters with episodic interactions rather than ongoing story arcs. These characters include Veiny Dog, Doctor Baby (an infant who is also an inept surgeon), assorted friendly ghosts and skeletons, and Saddest Turtle, an Eeyore-like reptile who is cheerfully harassed by his colleague, Jolly Octopus.

The website has a small store which sells t-shirts based on the comics.

Iron Noder Challenge 2014, 24/30

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