"You can`t leave me here! These guys are total melvins!"

A character on South Park. Little is known about him, he mumbles and stutters nervously. He looks a bit like Tweek. Not much is known about this little kid. Here are some of the facts:

Name: Butters Scotch
Age: 8-10
Grade: Fourth
Hair Color: Blonde
Style: Blue shirt, Green Pants, Black shoes. He was in a Confederate uniform for a reenactment in "War"

Butters Parents: Yes, Butters does have parents. They first appeared in the episode ("The Wacky Molestation Adventure"). It happened when the parents returned and were apologizing to them. In another episode, he had to sneak out of the house to free Jared from the mob. He took on the alter ego of "City Wok Mascot." Cartman stayed at his house to impersonate Butters when his parents called to check on him. Of course, Cartman being a jerk, he called them obscenities with Butters' voice, which led to Butters getting a severe beating by his parents when everyone got home.

He was also seen in the Thanksgiving episode when he told everybody that the Kindergardeners were putting on a better play.

Also seen in the fourth grade episode where he stuns everybody with his amazing geeky knowledge of Star Trek and The Menagerie episode(s).

Evil Butters: In the Episode Hooked on Monkey Phonics We see a whole new side of Butters. An evil side. When the "Home School Kid" comes to the playground we start to see this evil Butters. Butters and Craig go up to him (this is also the 1st episode where we start to see a friendship between Craig and butters grow) and Craig says "Hey kid you better get out of that ball". Butters follows up Craig by saying, "You best do what he says home school kid. Why this is our part of the playground and see if you don't follow our rules were gona duct tape you to the bench!" The Home School Kid responds, "You mean you would actually duct tape my entire body to a bench? For what purpose." Craig replies, "You just get out of that hamster ball before you find out!" Butters pushes him out, and they all proceed to duct tape him to a bench as planned.

Butters was in:
Butters' Very Own Episode (NEW!) Plus Charlie Manson!
An all new episode! When Butters reveals a dark family secret he ends up lost and alone in the seedy underbelly of the big city. Then it's the heartwarming holiday tale of Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!
--Episode plot taken from comedycentral.com

Lately, Butters seems to have gone crazy. Since the ordinary gang (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny) rejected his application to be new friend (he lost to a talking towel), he created a new alter-ego: Professor Chaos! He puts on a tinfoil mask and comes up with plans for world domination. His mission is to create chaos everywhere, such as secretly swapping meals at the cafeteria. Chaos! His last one involved him broadcasting a message to all the citizens of South Park, where he threatened to flood the world. He immediately turns on the garden hose, and waits for the puddle to grow. After a few hours he makes a huge puddle on his lawn, but then the fire department shuts off the water.

In another episode, "Professor Chaos" tried to come up with a plan to rule the world, but each plan he made turns out to be coincidentally the same as an episode from The Simpsons.

Here are his alter egos (from the episodes):
Inspector Butters (Butters' Very Own Episode)
City Wok Mascot (Jared Has Aides)
Ballchin Boy (Freak Strike)
Professor Chaos (Professor Chaos)
Porn Freak (The Lord of the Rings Episode)

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