Burundanga is a kind of voodoo powder obtained from a Colombian plant of the nightshade family, called barrachera, or "drunken binge". Used for hundreds of years by Native Americans in religious ceremonies, the powder causes victims to lose their will and memory, sometimes for days.

When refined the powder yields scopolamine, a well-know drug with legitimate uses as a sedative and to combat motion sickness. In Colombia, the drug's most avid fans are street criminals. Crooks mix the powder with sedatives and feed the Burundanga cocktail to unsuspecting victims whom they then proceed to rob.

Not all cases of Burundanga involve theft or robbery. Sometimes victims are used as mules to carry cocaine.

This substance can be given by liquid, cigarette or inhaled. It is tasteless and oderless and can be given with a drug that makes the victim temporarily blind.

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