Log Cabins look really cool from the picture on the front of the syrup bottle, but they were really cold and drafty. After all, they were simply logs laid on top of each other with mud and grass jammed between the cracks, resulting in an r value barely above zero. Inside them people would huddle arond a small fire -- a large fire would have required too much wood-- and wrapped themselves in layer after layer of blankets.

That made life liveable but what would happen when a young man came a courting. Naturally he and his lady love would want to be together. And everyone knew how to screw. The isn't a lot of privacy inside a pioneer cabin. Mom and Dad demonstrated whenever they felt the urge.

So when you were both young and full of juice, you both knew just how to let it out. And if the weather unexpectedly turned bad, why sometimes the boy would have to sleep over. With her. And almost anything could happen inside a mountain of blankets. Heh heh heh.

But Mom and Dad had been through that stage before. That's how they became Mom and Dad, after all. The pioneer solution to the teenage libido was the bundling board.

The courting couple would be laid together on a table, that a narrow slot might be cut in the middle. That slot partly accomdated a wide board that ran from just below the young lovers' armpits all the way down to their toes. It was stood up between them. Then our amorous duo would be wrapped in enough blankets to prevent instant shiver. True, their hands were relatively free to do what hands will do. But nobody ever got pregnant from a handjob. And the board made even masturbation difficult. Virginity was preserved. Honor was preserved. Wedding dresses didn't need to be taken out. Or sewn in a hurry.

At least until spring.

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