An Australian rum produced in Bundaberg, Queensland.

Sugar Cane is a major crop in this coastal area. In the sugar refining process, molasses is a by-product. Molasses is the main ingredient of rum; therefore, Bundaberg is well-suited for such an operation.

Bundy Rum, as it also known, has a long tradition and is quite famous in Australia. Over the years it's packaging and marketing strategies have changed dramatically. Currently their product mascot is a polar bear. The makers of Bundaberg rum wanted rum to be thought of as not only a tropical, warm climate drink, but also as cold climate, winter drink. That is why they have a polar bear on the package.

If you're ever in Bundaberg, you can take a tour of the distillery. At the end of the tour if you're 18 or older you get a complimentary drink.

Here is a list of Bundaberg Rum's fine products:

  1. Bundaberg UP
    a classic light golden rum
  2. Bundaberg OP
    Very similar to UP, but overproof and stronger
  3. Bundaberg Black
    The pride of the distillery. Only one vat is released each year. Each vat has been aged for ten years.

  4. Dark and Stormy
    A refreshing blend of ginger beer and Bundaberg rum

  5. Bundaberg and cola
    all ready rum and coke in a can

  6. Bundaberg Royal Liquoer
    A beautiful blend of chocolate, caramel, and rum

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