The Collective Name for the three Vampire: The Masquerade games run on the University of New York at Buffalo.

For those who have read the White-Wolf Novels, note that Buffalo's Prince is never named. There's a reason. The city is about as stable as windows 95 on a 486. The prince changes at least once a year, although it hasn't been bad as of late.

The Three Games:

Redlist: Smaller game, capped at forty players. Has a waiting list. Avoids combat, more roleplaying. Generally considered to be the best of the three.

Masquerade: Anything can happen, and often does. This game is... odd. The Malkavians have a strong presence in the city at ten members, although the prince is ventrue. The legend of Spike Speigel lives on, as he was the brujah prince at one time, then the sherrif and finally an anarch with the favor of the prince.

Dark Jyhad: Personal Favorite. The longest running at six years, this game has some of my favorite plotlines, although it seems that gehenna may be coming. To quote the prince on my charachter..." I feel sorry for him. It seems like he gets skull-fucked every session"

All three: The city is contested territory, laying just between the sabbat stronghold of Toronto and the rest of the Camarillia. Raids are not uncommon. Due to it's placement as a crossroad between cleveland and pittsburgh, one can expect an almost constant inlflux of kindred. Garou roam delaware park, and for anyone but a few gangrel this means certain death by claw.

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