Buddha Brand is a hip-hop group from Japan. Its members are producer/director Dev Large (aka Otoge, aka Hustler Bonze, aka Hot Pussy), rappers NIPPS (aka Hentai Bucho, aka Hibahihi) and CQ (aka Red Eye Daruma), and DJ Master Key (aka Keyman, aka Rocksmith).

The four Buddhas met in New York City in 1988, back during rap's Golden Age. From 1988 to 1995, they performed in the New York area, and even briefly ran around with none other than the Notorious B.I.G. Then, it was back to Tokyo.

In January of 1996, they released their first hit single on vinyl, Ningen Hatsudensho ("Human Power Plant.") By May, it had become so popular on the club circuit that Sony Avex released it as a CD maxi single as well. Since then, Buddha Brand has been a major force in Japan's hip-hop scene, and has collaborated with Silent Poets and Ja Rule.


Yameru Mugen no Budda Sekai (The Ill Infinite Buddha World) - 2000

CD Singles:
Ningen Hatsudensho (Human Power Plant) - 1996
Kurofune (Black Ships) - 1996
Budda no Kyujitsu (Buddha Holiday) - 1997
Tenun Ware ni Ari (Utsuyoi) (The will of Heaven is in me {ready for attack}) - 1997

Vinyl releases:
Funky Methodist
Kurushii Groove
Don't Test Da Master
Hi Jack (Nottori)

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