Brother Records Incorporated is the Beach Boys own record label, formed in 1967 before even the Beatles' Apple Records, and is the imprint on which every Beach Boys album from 1967's Smiley Smile onwards has been released.

Originally the idea was for the label to have many artists on it, and Redwood (later Three Dog Night) recorded some unreleased tracks produced by Brian Wilson. Carl Wilson later produced an album by South African band The Flame (two of the Flame became temporary members of the Beach Boys), but in effect it became, much as Apple did to the Beatles, just the corporate owner of the band name.

The current shareholders of the company are Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and the estate of Carl Wilson. However, even though all have equal shares, Love has effective control of the board. This has led to several 'and Stig accidentally sued himself' scenarios where BRI has sued both Brian Wilson and Al Jardine even though they themselves are major shareholders in the company.

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