Brotha Lynch Hung was born Kevin Mann, in Sacramento, California on February 29, 1972. He is an infamous gangsta rapper and progenator of the Ripgut Cannabilism style(although this author believes some of his style may have been "borrowed" from nearby sources, most notably X-Raided). He attended Luther Burbank Highschool where he spent much time getting into trouble and ended up dropping out to work.

Soon though, he got into rapping and in 1986 he first appeared on a duet album called "Nigga Deep", with Sicx, then called Tripple Sicx Bounty. Years later he re-appeared and produced fellow label-mate's X-Raided's album "Psychoactive", an underground rap classic. 1993 marked his solo debut with the album "24 Deep". This underground classic layed the groundwork for future albums. Especially the single "Walkin' 2 my funeral" which was on the billboard singles charts for quite some time. Next came "Season of the Siccness", a gangster rap epic alleged as the cause for a number of gang shootings. Right about this time (1995), Brotha Lynch came under fire from many "concerned parent" groups, the most infamous of which is the PMRC, the conservo-christian bulldog blackballers headed up by Tipper Gore & company. But, as with all cases that eventually size up to decency vs. the first ammendment, freedom of speech has won and Brotha Lynch is still a free man. After a few years and a shitload of cameos on other rap albums, Brotha Lynch finally released another album, Loaded, which was criticezed for having lost the edge that his earlier albums had features so prominently. Recently, Brotha Lynch has been locked in a battle with his label, black market records, over a release from his contract in order to form his own label, Siccmade. He claims BM's producers have tried to steer him away from his original style in favor of more mainstream rap lyrics, much to the dismay of his fans. Overall, if you're into rap, sick of Dr. Dre, Master P, and all that other shit that MTV likes to subliminally push down your throat, then try out some lynch, or even better yet, some X-Raided.

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