The Britt Festival is an annual music festival held on a grassy hillside overlooking Jacksonville, Oregon. It actually consists of several different festivals, a jazz festival, a blues festival, a bluegrass festival, and a classical festival. In addition, there are usually several performances of plays.

The grounds of the festival are incredibly beautiful. A sloping, grass covered hillside stretches above benches carved into the hill. Below this is a redwood stage with the back open to the lights of the Rogue Valley and city of Medford. Part of the whole experience of the Britt is to bring a picnic dinner and eat on the grass prior to the performance. Here you don't see many tunafish sandwiches or McDonalds sacks, however. Instead, most people bring quite involved picnics, and crystal wineglasses and candles are the norm rather than the exception.

The grounds are named after Peter Britt, who was instrumental in bringing culture to the Rogue Valley. The Rogue Valley, Ashland in particular was one of the sites of the chatauqua, an open air cultural experience, including music, lectures, and plays.

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