Brilliance was a paint package for the Commodore Amiga. It actually incorporated two separate programs, "Brilliance" for register-based graphics, and "TrueBrilliance", allowing 15 or 24-bit true-colour graphics.

TrueBrilliance was notable in particular, because it allowed users of ordinary Amigas to create true 24-bit colour images whilst rendering them as HAM6 (on older Amigas) or HAM8 (on AGA-equipped machines). TrueBrilliance was generally held to be a better HAM-based paint program than the relatively slow Deluxe Paint IV.

Early versions came with a dongle, and were fairly expensive. Brilliance 2.0 (actually not that big an upgrade) dispensed with the dongle, and was much more affordable.

Sadly, Brilliance probably came out too late in Amiga history to achieve the same level of recognition that Deluxe Paint did.

Bril"liance (?), n.




© Webster 1913.

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