AUSTRALIA. POLITICS. Politicians. Brian Harradine is currently an old Tasmanian Senator. What you have is a senile old man out of touch with current issues. This results in some very stiff necked traditionalist policies that are based more on a lack of information and subsequent fear of the unknown than any solid evidence.

One of his more stupid ideas was for censorship of the internet in Australia. If Harradine had done his job and considered the technical plausibility of this everybody would be happier. His actions speak of his latent stupidity.

I now I'm sure there are plenty of nice old men out there with very liberal views, but Harradine is not one of them. My pet hate has to be of proponents of action fueled by ignorance. This is none the other.

I'd like to leave you with an excellent quote from Brian Harradine:

"...[I] do get a huge volume of mail. One day in December last year 2,300 actual pieces of mail came to me--and that is not counting the email. Whoever invented email ought to be strung up! So I do apologise..."

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