A .303 calibre light machine gun use by the British army from 1939 up to the present. The bren light machine gun was developed in 1937 and 1938 by the Czech company Zbrojovka Brno (or Brno Arms Factory), and built by the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock. The bren carried a 30-round box magazine (100-round drums were available for anti-aircraft use as well) and could be fitted with a bipod for prone firing, a tripod for standing, or an elevated tripod for anti-aircraft use. Its gas-driven action could fire over 500 rounds per minute.

Every infantry section had a "Bren group" that carried and operated one Bren gun, this allowed advances to be covered by automatic weapons fire, since the bren could be carried as fast as the infantry could advance.

For the film buffs, besides dozens of WWII movies, a Bren also makes an appearance in "Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels".

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