Born in Philadelphia, (then) aspiring actress Bree Sharp moved to New York City before finding her true calling as a singer/songwriter.

Yeah, the "bio" paragraph is pretty much nothing. Ms. Sharp is rather protective of her privacy; I can't even find her date of birth -- sometime in 1976, I think -- much less a detailed life history. Sorry 'bout that.

Her 1999 debut album, A Cheap And Evil Girl, pretty much guaranteed that, if nothing else, she'll always have a spot on VH1's One Hit Wonders, for the eerily catchy stalker tune "David Duchovny". The followup single, America, an intelligent, irony-laden attack on pop culture, was just a bit too pointed for most radio stations, and went pretty much nowhere.

Her second album, More B.S., was released on August 13, 2002. Though it's just as good an album as the first, full of sultry, sharp singing and lyrics, it doesn't have anything with the instant "zing" of "Duchovny."

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