A book review:

Breastfeeding the Newborn Clinical Strategies for Nurses (1999) by Marie Biancuzzo is an excellent text for nurses working in Maternal Child Health. The author is herself a Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist. The book summarizes current research for breastfeeding the very young baby in a single text. Good texts that are as relevant as this are rare. The book doesn’t over simplify but is very much a nurse’s how to manual. In fact, it is the only text I know to carry good instructions for alternative feeding methods in a detailed “how to” format.

This book is appropriate for ALL nurses working in Maternal Child Health and all lactation consultants.

I emphasize ALL nurses working in Maternal Child Health because I don’t believe a nurse working in this field should pick and choose if she will be knowledable about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the optimal health choice for mothers and babies and ALL nurses (and doctors but this is a nurse’s text book) working with mothers and babies should at the very minimum be enthusiastic and effective supporters.

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