book review:

Breastfeeding Biocultural Perspectives edited by contributing authors Patricia Stuart-Macadam and Katherine A. Dettwyler is a compilation of scholarly lectures on anthropology and breastfeeding. Chapters present research on a variety of topics by 13 well known author/speakers in the lactation field. This is not a "how to breastfeed" book but rather it is a book that offers a deeper understanding of the research behind such topics such "co-sleeping", "the natural age of weaning", "breastfeeding and fertility", "the politics of breastfeeding", "baby-controlled breastfeeding", "breastfeeding in prehistory", "the culture and biology of breastfeeding: an historical review of Western Europe", "beauty and the breast", "breastfeeding: adaptive behavior for child health and longevity", "breast cancer, reproductive biology and breastfeeding" and "sociocultural aspects of the lactation process".

This book is appropriate for all health care providers and students of human nature.

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