Manufactured by the Armors Holding company Breakfree CLP (CLP meaning Cleans, Lubricates and Preserves) is an all around water displacer, solvent, and metal preserving compound which is very good for keeping guns in good shape.

It is used by the US armed forces for field maintenance of their infantry weapons and any NATO adopted small arm should be able to function fine with just maintenance with cleaning brushes and Breakfree CLP.

You can buy it in small aerosol cans all the way up to big gallon jugs.

Glock exlusively uses Breakfree CLP for lubrication of their pistols before shipping.

It has a distinct and quite agreeable smell, to gun enthusiasts at least, but not quite as sweet as the scent of Hoppes #9.

There were reports of this product causing kidney damage but it never has been confirmed.

For field maintenance of your guns when going on an extended shooting session, Breakfree CLP is a very good choice.

It is not a copper or lead solvent though so make sure to clean the barrel bore with Hoppes #9 or Sweets 7.62 when you get home or back to headquarters.

For those on a tight budget ed's red will be a cheap but good substitute.

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