Braemar is a highland village in Scotland. Braemar is a bustling place and a popular stop for bus tours. The village actually has more than one castle, and is said to be excellent climbing country with Morrone mountain and others nearby. At 1100 feet above sea level, Braemar holds the record for Britain's lowest recorded temperature, of -27.2 degrees C, on 10 January 1982

Braemar is probably best known for its Highland Games, the annual Braemar Gathering which takes place on the first Saturday in September. The games date back over 900 years, to the time when an annual contest between local clans was watched by King Malcolm III. The tradition of royal involvement was resumed by Queen Victoria after her purchase of the nearby Balmoral Estate and successive generations of royals have maintained that tradition ever since.


heppigirl says re Braemar: my brother and his now ex wife actually met when they were both working as tour guides in braemar castle :))

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