The Boy's Town phenomenon is a prostitution mini-neighborhood occuring in various Mexican border towns, such as Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez, etc. Usually on the outskirts of said glorious metropolii, the setup of Boy's Town is sort of like a huge, extended one-storey motel with bars and strip clubs seperated by rooms with scantily dressed prostitutes standing by the doors, waiting for and soliciting customers. In addition to all that, Boy's Town is famous for its bestiality shows, including but not limited to heinous acts involving donkeys, horses, dogs, and other well hung mammals.

Folks, these places are very, very bad. They make the Red Light District of Grand Theft Auto 3 look like Disneyworld. However, on the plus side, as they are quasi-legal establishments, the Mexican government supposedly tests their stock for all kinds of diseases and imposes a rigid STD-free 'working force.' I wouldn't trust that worth shit though. Strange world we live in.

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