Unfamiliar with cow-like terms? Here's a handy guide:

Angular: The wedge shape seen in the body conformation of some dairy cows.

Bay: Reddish brown color.

Breed: A genetically pure line having similar conformation and able to produce offspring with the same characteristics.

Brindle: Streaks or spots on a gray or brownish background

Buff: Yellow-reddish color or a light skin color.

Calf : A sexually immature young cow.

Conformation: Body shape.

Cow: A mature female with at least one calf.

Crossbred: The offspring from a dam and sire of different purebred breeds.

Cud: A bolus of regurgitated food.

Dam: Female parent.

Draft: Animal for pulling a plow or cart.

Finching: Colored stripe down the center of the back.

Hand: Four inches.

Hay: Dry forage.

Heifer: A young female cow, especially one that has never had a calf.

Herdbook: The publication of a breed's ancestry and characteristics.

Muley: Hornless cow.

Outcross: The offspring of two animals of the same breed but unrelated.

Overmarking: Small black spots that appear on otherwise all-white cattle.

Oxen: Working cattle, male or female.

Poll: The space between the ears on top of the head.

Purebred: An animal registered in a herd book or eligible for such registration.

Rangy: Long in the body.

Rumen: First stomach.

Ruminate: To chew cud.

Sire: Male parent.

Straw: The plant matter left over after the seeds are removed.

Thrify: Healthy and vigorous in appearance.

Weanling: A weaned calf.

Withers: The top of the shoulder.

Yearling: Twelve to eighteen months of age.

Most info found at www.crazyforcows.com

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