The Boss GX-700 is a rack mounted guitar effects processor. For those of you not familiar with the technology, this handy 19x7.75x1.75 (wxdxh inches) unit contains eight different signal processing technologies that are often found in either a series of effects pedals (composing an effects loop) or a preamp. This particular Boss unit has the ability to apply compression, wah (as in a Wah-Wah pedal), overdrive, preamp functions, noise supression, modulation, delay, chorus, tremolo and reverb to a signal which is input through either a front mounted jack or one in the rear, whichever you perfer (both inputs will not function at the same time).

This unit is not without the interactivity which can be achieved by the use of individual pedals. The processor has inputs for basic on/off foot switches as well as expression pedals which can simulate the physical pedals themselves. Also, the user can determine which effects feed each other by modifying the effect chain, which is analogous to plugging in pedals in different positions in the loop. One can even purchase the uber-large Roland FC-200 MIDI foot controller and use it to control many of the GX-700's user customizable settings. The MIDI inputs on the back of the unit can also be used to upload and download patches (patches contain the various settings for each effect applied, stored under a particular name for easy identification) from a computer, thus expanding the original 100-patch user writable area to a near infinite amount. All of this, and it even has a built in digital tuner.

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