Boring, Oregon is a small town located outside of Portland, Oregon. It is an unincorporated area lying adjacent to the eastern suburb of Gresham. The area of Boring has a population of approximately a thousand or so people. Boring, like much of northwestern Oregon, is a rural area that is quickly being turned into a suburb, and whose traditional economy is just as quickly disappearing.

Other than that, it is, of course, "Boring". The many possible jokes to be made about the town of "Boring" have all been made, and yet, they continue to be made. These jokes are all the more hilarious in their humor due to the fact that the town of Boring, which consists of a few stores off of a highway, is indeed, by many standards, quite boring. (Although the surrounding scenery is quite attractive, in a bucolic type of way.) Comments and jokes about Boring are an important part of being a resident of the Portland area, and hopefully they always will be.

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