A two CD compilation of Underworld bootlegs selected, mixed and distributed by the members of rtsr-trade. The inspiration for it came from a certain amount of dissatisfaction with the Everything, Everything live album on the list. Although everyone enjoyed the DVD, it was felt that the tracks on the CD were not always the best and seemed to have been selected for how closely they resembled the album versions more than any inherent quality.

So certain key list members leapt into action, digging deep into their collections and calling in favors to procure the finest copies of the finest quality Underworld bootlegs on earth. Polls were instituted as to what tracks should be included and in what order. After what seemed like a long period of organizational frenzy things died down for an even longer period as member "Geoff" worked to blurr the lines between the tracks of concerts from throughout the world into a seamless whole.

The result is incredible. Download your copy (http://www.dirty.org/underworld/fan.html) or The dirty.org site has moved to darktrain.org and appears to no longer host Bootleg Babies. The rtsrboardoftrade list (formerly rtsr-trade) at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rtsrboardoftrade/ is probably the best place to start tracking down a copy. The discs were originally distributed through a tree utilizing actual postal mail in 2001.

Disc 1:

  1. 21 41 juanita/kiteless/to dream of love
    1996 Munich, Germany
  2. 06 16 rowla
    1999.05.13 Köln, Germany
  3. 05 19 bruce lee
    1999.03.20, Tilburg, Holland
  4. 06 26 kittens
    1999.06.26 Glastonbury, UK
  5. 11 10 dark train
    1999.01.01 London, UK
  6. 13 50 born slippy
    1996 Munich, Germany
  7. 09 49 born slippy .nuxx
    1999.01.01 London, UK
  8. 00 38 outro
    1999.05.13 Köln, Germany

Disc 2:

  1. 01 25 intro
    1998.11.14 Gent, Belgium
  2. 08 25 mmm... skyscraper, i love you
    1999.01.01 London, UK
  3. 11 15 push upstairs
    1999.01.01 London, UK
  4. 08 32 confusion the waitress
    1996.05.27 Pinkpop Festival, Holland
  5. 09 54 king of snake
    1999.05.13 Köln, Germany
  6. 10 14 jumbo
    1999.03.20 Tilburg, Holland
  7. 10 39 moaner
    1999.03.20 Tilburg, Holland
  8. 17 12 rez/cowgirl
    1996.08.25 Reading Festival, UK

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