I am not making this up.

The Booby Liberation Organization, or BLO, was founded in 2000 in Northampton, Massachusetts. The organization, whose members number in the tens, staged their first political rally yesterday at 3:30, as a group of about fifty BLO members assembled outsite of the State House.

The BLO's agenda is to fight the Massachusetts statute against indecent exposure, which they claim is sexist. The BLO wants to challenge the law's legality in court, and is willing bare all in order to do so. Five women bared their breasts yesterday, while others carried signs with slogans reading, "Keep your laws off our chests." Male members of the BLO dressed in drag, which they feel is apparently the best way to be taken seriously by the state's legal system.

"We were dressed as goddesses to show that women's bodies are divine and sacred, not lewd and lascivious," remarked one male BLO member, who wore a headdress and a skirt to the protest. State police eventually arrived on the scene to break up the rally, which was held without a permit. Three women who refused to put their clothes back on were arrested and will be arraigned today in Boston Municipal Court.

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