Ninjagirls Calendar 2008

Boobies strike again - Ninjagirls' Fundraising Cleavage Calendar 2008

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Anything you do more than once is a tradition, right? That means it's the time of year again for one of E2's most curviest traditions: the Ninjagirls' Cleavage Calendar!

Wait, are we talking about boobies?

Just like last year, the Ninjagirls have banded together for a good cause: to support charities that are involved in breast cancer research, awareness and prevention. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women under 40. One in three cases of cancer in women is breast cancer. Reason enough to help. Also the catbox appears to be obsessed with boobies, the archive bring up over 3200 references, sounds like a match made in heaven!

Boobies are good.

So why should you buy this calendar?

Why, it has cleavage! From Ninjagirls! Some of your favourite ninjagirls are featured, there are bilingual and trilingual intelligent women of a wide variety of ages and from three different continents and they have used all their creative energies to produce an artistic and sensual feast every month of 2008. Even if you don't like knockers yourself, you probably know someone who does, it is getting nearer to Christmas and they make perfect secret santa gifts.


I am only here to talk about BOOBIES.

Also, even more importantly, you're supporting a good cause. All profits from the sale of these calendars go to charity. The proceeds will be divided among the following organisations:


Not quite convinced to buy one?

Remember, ninjagirls like pie, boobies, pie and kicking ass, so get out there and show your support and let's beat last year's huge cash haul!

I had a couple of pet BOOBIES once

Convinced? Buy one!
Calendars are on sale starting October 19, 2007 and cost US$17.99 (9.91 Pounds Sterling, 14.48 Euros). To buy one, go to Please note, the default price is listed in USD. If you'd like to pay in another currency, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. There is a drop-down menu that will allow you to choose between USD, Euros and Pounds Sterling.

p.s. Huge, huge kudos to Angela and la petite mort for all of their efforts organizing, formatting, keeping picture galleries up to date, and generally putting up with those of us who were anything up to several months late. Give them smooches when you see them, and tell them they are fabulous. - grundy

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