Read Sturgeon's Law first; this makes a lot more sense afterwards.

At a lot of the "Wholistic Fairs" and "New Age Exhibits", the percentage would be better set at 95% -- Isaac Bonewits, Real Magic revised edition, p.207.

This is a very telling commentary. Isaac is a believer, as is obvious from his life and his work, but he knows full well that there's piles upon piles of junk mysticism out there. The way this quote and the surrounding text reads, his point is that just because something challenges traditional "scientific" view points does not make it axiomatically true. The world is full of people who would love to make a quick buck off of someone who believes that a magic pill can be produced to fix all their problems, that you need not work for what you want in life. Even with the possibilities he raises and believes in, a panacea is not possible.

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