Cheery little game written in BASIC on a ZX81. Five or six little houses are represented by small squarish blocks at the bottom right of the screen. A little flat block (the plane) goes across the screen at a random altitude, and when you press the space bar, an even smaller block (the bomb) falls perfectly diagonally (it doesn't go because it's being pulled, it goes because the bomber pushed it) to the bottom of the screen. If you hit a house, it evaporates without any remains (see DOOM) and you have one fewer houses to destroy. Perhaps they weren't supposed to be houses. Perhaps they were supposed to be factories. I always thought they were houses. I was a disturbed child. You only get a fixed number of bombing runs, and you can't have more than one bomb dropping at once (because that would be hard to code). The code was dead easy to write, and gave me hours of pleasure in 1982, when I first played the game.

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