Boku no Marie is a manga by Takeuchi Sakura. The anime was brought to the US by ADV and has two different titles: the subtitled version is called "My Dear Marie" and the english dubbed version is titled "Metal Angel Marie". It has not been released on DVD yet, and it doesn't look likely that it ever will be.

The anime is only three episodes long, but is a truly funny and pleasant experience. The basic story revolves around a geeky college student named Karigari who builds the perfect girl, basing his robot on a girl from school named Mari. The robot's name becomes Marie, and she is an exact replica, discounting hair and eye color. Personality-wise they are also rather discordant; Mari is very sweet and quiet, while Marie is tomboyish and more outgoing.

Of course, the girls meet each other and form an eventual friendship that becomes a love triangle. Karigari treats Marie as his sister and much of the character development seems to revolve around how Marie feels about him.

As soap opera-ish as this sounds, the anime is fun to watch and not as girly as you might think. While the first episode sets up the main conflict between the two girls, the second one is about a tough girl who falls in love with the geeky protagonist. Her professed ability to punch through steel is put to the test when she demands a fight against Marie.

The final episode is a mish-mash of dreams Marie has. It is amusing and makes several jokes referring to the previous two episodes, but does not seem to tie up the story. (Naturally, these three episodes do not nearly cover all of the manga.)

However, during the third episode Marie explores how she feels about Karigari, being a robot, and what is expected of a girl growing up in Japan, all of which are interesting concepts. The series brings several interesting ideas to light which are fun to contemplate, but if you're not in the mood you could always sit back and watch the talking tennis-ball do its thing.

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