A German card game produced by the game company Amigo.
The game is played with 8 types of cards, each with a different bean. There are (translation from German to English is not always correct):

Gartenbohne: Garden Bean:6
Rote Bohne: Red bean:8
Augenbohne: "Black-eyed" bean:10
Sojabohne: Soy Bean:12
Brechbohne: "French" bean:14
Saubohne: "Broad" bean:16
Feuerbohne: Fire bean:18
Blaue Bohne: Blue bean:20

The numbers after the names are the number of that type of bean that are in the deck, so there are 18 Fire beans in the deck.
The object of the game is to plant beans and sell/scrap them to obtain coins. At the end of the game the one with the most coins wins.
Everyone (can be played with 2 people but better with more) starts with 5 cards in their hand dealt from a shuffled deck and kept private. The cards must be kept in order in which they were dealt.
To take one's turn, one must first plant the first card in the hand. Then has the option of planting the second.
Each person has two fields and can only plant one type of bean in each field.
Once the one or two cards are placed in a field, the person takes two cards from the overturned deck and places it in front of them. The person can trade these two cards with other players or plant them. Either way both cards must be planted or traded. To trade, one can ask for a similar bean or a bean that they will need later. A good trade would be between the Fire bean and the Blue bean, since their numbers are similar. One could trade two Blues for a Soy.
Once the two cards are traded or planted, the person can still trade with any cards in their hand. Any cards recieved by any of the players must be planted and can not go to the hand. This is the same for everyone and for the entire game.
When the player does not want to trade anymore, they take three cards from the deck and place them in the back of their hand. And it is the next person's turn.
You can scrap a field if you no longer want to plant a certain bean or have to get rid of a field in order to plant the first card.
To get coins you must plant enough of a certain bean. Since the Garden bean is so rare if you collect two of them you can sell them and get 2 coins. You must have 4 Blue beans to get a coin.
The deck is gone through three times and the game is over.
There are two extensions to this game which add more beans to the pile and is good for a large group.

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