1984 Joe Jackson album. His sixth.

After the worldwide success of Night And Day, Joe had some more freedom in what he did. He gained an interest in reducing studio production of an album, wishing to return to a warmer, more natural sound. He and producer David Kershenbaum went looking for old theatres in New York City in which to record this album. They found an old Masonic lodge used by Vanguard Studios to record classical music.

Ironically, they were using the hottest digital recording technology they could get at the time to capture the raw sound of the hall. This was done to reduce tape hiss. Two of the tracks on Body And Soul are recorded simply with two microphones in the hall, with no mixing afterward (this would be how the entire album Big World would be recorded 2 years later). Most songs, though, the instruments were miked and the sound mixed for the final recording.

It's a good album, despite having Go For It on it, which never seemed up to Joe's usually high standards with its sappy, overly optimistic lyrics.

Track list:

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