The novelty band whose main claim to fame is the perennial Halloween hit "Monster Mash".

Pickett, born in 1941, moved to Los Angeles after his discharge from the Army in 1961, with dreams of becoming an actor. He joined a singing group called the Cordials and, after perfecting his impersonation of horror movie actor Boris Karloff, co-wrote "Monster Mash" with Cordials member Leonard Capizzi to take advantage of the Mashed Potato dance craze.

The other members of the Crypt-Kickers were Leon Russell (Yes, THE Leon Russell), Johnny McCrae, Rickie Page, and producer Gary Paxton. Pickett has had a few minor hits, including a followup called the "Monster Rap", but "Monster Mash" will be the song that will eventually get him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

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