Bluesology was a rhythm and blues band which found moderate success in the mid-to-late sixties.

Band line-up:

Reginald Dwight (Vocals, Piano)
Long John Baldry (Vocals)
Elton Dean (Saxophone)
Stuart Brown (Guitar, Vocals)
Rex Bishop (Bass)
Mick Inkpen (Drums)
Caleb Quaye (Guitar)
Pete Gavin, Neil Hubbard & Mark Charig (Wind)

The band released three singles, but were more of a live act:

Come Back Baby / Time's Getting Tougher Than Tough, 7" 1965 Fontana TF594

Mr Frantic / Everyday (I Have The Blues), 7" 1966 Fontana TF668

Since I Found You Baby / Just A Little Bit, 7" 1967 Fontana

In 1965, Bluesology were asked to back the tours of American soul and R&B musicians like Major Lance, Doris Troy, Billy Stewart, and The Bluebells. In 1966, they toured around England on their own. By now, Bluesology was very much Long John Baldry's supporting band. The situation was such that Reg Dwight became frustrated with Baldry's control of the band. Dwight has said; "Bluesology would never let me sing, so I really only started when we were doing the first demos, and my voice improved - I hope - as I did more and more."

Upon leaving the band in 1968 to pursue his music career, Reg Dwight took the first names of John Baldry and Elton Dean and changed his name to Elton John. He, or course, achieved massive success.

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