Blueshammer is a made-up band featured in the 2001 movie adaptation of Ghost World. Blueshammer is a cock rock Guns n' Roses clone that bills itself as an authentic Louisiana blues band, claiming to be "straight outta the delta!" They headline a popular "authentic" blues club that the character Enid drags Steve Buscemi's character Seymour to. Seymour relents only when he finds out his all time favorite bluesman Fred Chatman will be playing. Chatman is a big name in the early days of the blues and his 78s are major collector items among people like Seymour. Seymour is proud he owns one of two known copies of a Chatman 78.

Buscemi's character is uncomfy in the club, populated not by traditional blues fans but by frat boys. He nearly has to cry when it turns out Chatman, one of the greatest bluesmen of all time, isn't the headliner but he is just the unappreciated warm up act for Blueshammer, a group everyone seems to assure Seymour is top notch ("You like the blues? You'll love Blueshammer!") Seymour goes postal when Blueshammer does a song called "Pickin' Cotton Blues". This group of pretty middle classed white boys sing lyrics like "I'm so tired/Been pickin' cotton all day"

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