A very personable music venue located at 3317 E. Colfax in Denver, Colorado. It has hosted many of the less-recognized bands coming to Denver, both national and local, over the past decade. Many smaller record labels choose to host their tours here for some reason, but if there is an expected crowd upwards of 300 people the venue will probably change to someplace larger (like the Ogden or Fillmore).

A little bit-o'-history:

Started in 1913 as a small, one-screen movie theatre, the place soon shifted to showing pornos. But even the best things in life must pass, and thus the Bluebird was forced to close in the 1970s. After some extensive remodeling the joint was reintroduced to the world as a music venue in 1994, featuring a buffed stereo system with enough power to rock your socks off. Today the venue either shows cult movies on their projector screen or hosts to some independent or lesser known band nearly every night.

The Setup:

The Bluebird Theatre is basically an elevated center stage with two dance platforms and a balcony adjoining it. Each dance area is roughly 10’ X 30’ and are separated by stairs which make them terraced. The balcony is usually reserved for 21+ seating because alcohol is served there. The shows I’ve been to haven’t had any need for security guards between the crowd and the band, which makes it entirely possible for crowd surfers to get up on stage and dance around with the band. Shows here are generally not too crowded which I find is always nice.


For those of you that live in Denver, you are probably familiar with at least a few of the numerous theaters alongside Colfax Avenue, and the Bluebird is basically the farthest one East. With its giant neon-adorned sign it is nearly impossible to miss.

For upcoming shows check out:



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