She rakes her fingers through her hair, so habitual a motion,
And I sit wondering about what she wonders of,
Maybe thinking on how she would look so much better with him than I do.
I envy her figure, knowing all too well on my fault, and angered at myself
For having let her in, for having become the altar for the green, green eyes,
Sacrificed myself to the Green Eyed Goddess.

Look into the paper bag.
Would you be able to find your way out on a bad day?

No, I won’t go to church with you, Blue-Eyes,
I am not accepted, and we both know that, and hands hold mine tightly,
And so for a bribe, Blue-Eyes, we will go see the
Devil's Tree after church and it will be dark and you will smile,
And so I say alright.

It was so very boring, Green-Eyes, I know, please…hold my hand?
I just want to rest a while, now, beneath this Devil's Tree,
And you and I and our holding hands can watch the night fall down
From the heavens, inking and writing her name over the vast field…
So dark is our demon’s Tree
But day surely must follow, and my eyes scream for sleep,
Crying out to deaf inward ears…
But I just cannot stand it one more day, can’t stand watching her anymore,
Brushing her hair

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