A theatre devoted to, built for, and owned by, none other than love singer, Bobby Vinton. Opened on 2 September 1993, the Blue Velvet Theatre would become a shrine for Vinton fans around the world.

The design of the theatre emulates Gaman's Chinese Theatre, Pantages, and Egyptian Theatre. Hand painted murals on the ceilings and walls give a hint of Italian renaissance, and its modernity reflects its being one of the newest theatres in Branson, Missouri.

Vinton had the theatre designed to be representative of the old Hollywood theatre era - and the success of this ambition is reflected in every facet of the building. The lobby is adorned with hand-painted blue tile flooring, and even sports authentic wrought iron railings. The amphitheatre is floored with blue carpeting, decorated by gold records inscribed with "BV" and music notes. The stage curtain is made entirely of blue velvet, and is bordered with a 14 inch wide tapestry, edged by a band of gold fabric made of 14 carat gold threads. Pure ostentation.

Quite a beautiful place, in some strange, lounge-act way.

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