A bludger is a jet black ball slightly smaller then a Quaffle (A Quaffle is soccer ball sized).

In Quidditch the two bludgers fly around and try to knock as many players as possible off their brooms (Sometimes resulting in a broken bone or two but rarely killing anyone). The Beaters try to knock the bludgers away from their players and towards the other team.

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In the Australian vernacular, a bludger is a word used across all classes to describe a layabout or otherwise lazy or slothful person.

"That Tommy of yours is a bit of a bludger, isn't he mate?"
"Well mate, he reckon's he's goin' to the University of Bondi next year"

The worst form of bludger is the dole bludger, a largely mythical invention of conservative politics who supposedly lives the life of Riley (an easy life) on Government handouts.

Shortened, the word bludge means to "take it easy" or to take without moral right.

""Jeez, that history class was a bludge!"

"Can I bludge a ciggie off you mate?

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