Bloodybelly Comb Jelly True Facts

Fantastic, globby-looking marine critters. Transparent ruby zeppelin ghosts. Luminescent balloon bags. Freaky Pokémon glitchmonsters. Ranging in colour from red to purple to black, but in the deep, dark sea they're practically invisible. If I could show you a picture you'd be like eurgh oh at first, but then you'd be all oh wow, lightshow! Maybe Lovecraft was just a marine biologist who went mad and left it all behind.

They're comb jellies. Comb jellies are the biggest animals that propel themselves with cilia, and that's pretty cool. They also don't sting, but they're still hard carnivorous motherfuckers with cannibalistic tendencies. Comb jellies, they eat they own brotha.

Bloodybelly Comb Jelly Q&A

  1. This is uninformative. How big is a comb jelly?

    Worry not, bro! Six inches max. User misterfuffie sez he saw them trolling in swarms in a fish museum tho, so watch your back.

  2. Whoa, it's got sweet lights. It's like a Daft Punk helmet.


  3. Do they make music?

    Bloodybelly comb jellies do not natively produce music, but their lightshow body smoosh can be artificially rendered as noise by synesthesia instruments such as the scoreLight.

  4. Can they fly up out of the deep and latch onto our faces?

    Maybe, but they are archon wizards of the sea buffet and aren't going to surface just to nom some dude's face.

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