Lived: ????-1309
Feast Day: Feast Day
Pope Blessed Under:(Clement XIV) (1770)

Also known as Matthew of Taormina, Agostino began as a secular scholar to the king of Sicily. After being left to die on the battlefield, he became disillusioned with earthly power and followed Jesus. For years he lived in solitude, cut off from his home and his old friends. Then he took a case against a rich lawyer who claimed on a legal technicality the Church's land. Agostino brilliantly defended the Church's claim, and the opposing lawyer recognized the brilliance of none other than his former classmate. Agostino was brought before Clement of Osimo who made him an associate of the order. Agostino quickly brought needed reforms to the orders constitution and organization. He was selected as the Pope's confessor, although he pleaded that he was unworthy. Finally, he retired and devoted his life to study, prayer, and rebuilding an orphanage.

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