Blasty is a relatively new web-based tool for independent authors to assist in dealing with the piracy of books.

Their system runs through the Google search engine to finds key words and phrases from your works and titles, then assembles them in an easy to read list.

If the works it finds are authorized, nothing more is required. If, however, the site is infringing or even appears to offer your works illegally, you can use Blasty to fire off DMCA takedown notices. THey have several levels of use, including a free tier. Checking my information under my real name (none of my pseudonyms), Blasty has discovered 114 infringing websites with books I'm in. Since many are anthologies put out by other publishers, I can pass on the information because I'm not the actual owner of the book. The few that I self-published, however, were easy to deal with. Most of the pirates are overseas, and by far most of the sites were scammers looking for credit card numbers. Blasty made it easy to get a few of the fake sites taken offline, but they'll eventually pop up again elsewhere.

Iron Noder 2017


Blast"y (?), a.


Affected by blasts; gusty.


Causing blast or injury.




© Webster 1913.

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