Book two of James Morrow's Godhead Trilogy. When an earthquake disgorges the Corpus Dei from its resting place in the Arctic, the American Baptist Church pays the Vatican $1.3 billion to put the 2-mile, 80-megaton corpse on display at its "Celestial City" theme park. The Job Society forms, to prosecute the late Jehovah before the International Court at the Hague. A tour of the preserved physical brain of God ensues.
Morrow expressed a certain discomfort over this work; in developing the case for the defense, he delved pretty deeply into the question of God's complicity in human suffering. His quotable conclusions: "The more successful you are at explaining evil, the more evil your explanation becomes." "There is a hair-thin line between reasoning about evil, and rationalizing evil."

(book one: Towing Jehovah | book three: The Eternal Footman)

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