This interracial porn video was originally released by VCA in 1985 and featured scenes with Traci Lords that later had to be removed when it was discovered she was underage. Black Throat is an irreverent XXX feature with many of the biggest names from the time period immediately following the Golden Age Of Porn, including Christy Canyon, Erica Boyer, Peter North and Marc Wallice, among others. Produced by the Dark Brothers, this flick is typical of their work, containing light-hearted dialog, attention to scenery and costumes, and a bouncy original soundtrack by Johnny Jump-Up. The protagonist is an out-of-work garbageman named Roscoe, played by Tony Martino, who has an Of Mice and Men-like relationship with a jive-talking rubber rat named Mister Bob. The clueless Roscoe reveals that he doesn't know what fellatio is, so Mister Bob calls in Jamal, a new-wave pimp, to bring in some hookers for a demonstration. The rest of the video chronicles Roscoe's quest for Madam Mambo, the queen of "fella-tee-oh", played by a Zulu-garbed Sahara. This flick is a great way to introduce someone to the joys of 80's porn, when women's bodies still looked fairly natural and the overall mood was light. If you think a hardcore video like this one may be a little too extreme for an introduction, there's always the NC-17 rated Orgazmo from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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