A character published by DC Comics. Created by Jack Kirby, the Black Racer first appeared in New Gods #3 in 1971.

Willie Walker was a sergeant in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. While on active duty there, Walker was injured in battle, leaving him paralyzed and unable to help himself. Walker was returned home and is cared for by his sister and brother-in-law in the ghettos of Metropolis.

One day, a street criminal nicknamed Sugarman killed someone outside the home that Walker resided in. Fearing that Walker was a witness and would be able to testify as to his actions, Sugarman decided to kill the paralyzed veteren. Walker's plight drew the attention of an agent of the Source, which controls the universe and is worshipped by the New Gods of New Genesis. This agent is called the Black Racer and is used to collect the souls of those who die and take them to become one with the Source.

The Black Racer used his powers to slay Walker's attacker and then disappeared, leaving his costume behind. Walker then realized that he was somehow whole and able to move. He rose and felt compelled to dress in the garb of the Black Racer. The outfit consisted of a helmet and costume, along with skies and ski poles. Walker suddenly found that he was now the personification of the Black Racer and used his new found powers to take Sugarman's soul to the Source. Upon his return, Walker found that he was returned to his previous state as a paralytic and was forced to await the call of the Source to again be the Black Racer.

The Black Racer has the ability to travel vast distances and cross the vaccuum of space unprotected. He can "ski" through solid objects and does not stop until his target is apprehended.

The Black Racer is one of the more common non-venomous snakes in the eastern United States. It is slender, typically black, and - as the name implies - rather speedy.

The Black Racer is a constrictor, distantly related to Boas and Anacondas. It catches its prey by grabbing it quickly in its mouth and coiling around tightly, suffocating its victim. It is a beneficial snake, reducing the population of mice and rats, while also feeding on birds, frogs, and insects.

The Black Racer is closely related to the Black Rat Snake, a stouter, slower snake. In the Southeast, the Black Racer can also be confused with the Coachwhip, another long, slender, non-venomous snake, which can be distinguished by its lighter-colored tail.

Scientific name: Coluber constrictor

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