BloodHag is a band from Seattle who sing very short Speed Metal songs about Science Fiction authors, such as Philip K. Dick, Octavia Butler, Isaac Asimov and William S. Burroughs. Each song presents biographical and bibliographical information in easy to digest Heavy Metal format. They call it Edu-Core. The members of BloodHag are Grimoire the Expectorator, Deus Ex Libris the Pagiarazor, Codex 23 the Chronomaster and Logos the Rhythmaticist.

A sample of their lyrics:

Ursula K. LeGuin

She spoke of the dichotomy 'twixt nature and technology.
Her Hainish stories began an ambitious chronology.
Some authors should teach a course on deviant psychology,
her course would be cultural anthropology.
'The Dispossessed' is a masterpiece of anarcho-syndicalism.
'The Left Hand of Darkness' held gender analysis and assured feminism.
You were always coming home to all aspects of utopianism.
Will earth survive to justify your optimism?
Ooh ah Ursula Ooh ah Ursula!

They can be reached at

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