Björnlandet national park

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One of the more recent national parks of Sweden, designated by the government as late as 1991, this national park is located in Västerbotten in the inland of northern Sweden. Located on the road between the communities of Fredrika and Åsele, the park covers a modest area of 11 square kilometers (4.25 square miles). It is dominated by untouched wilderness with traces of wildfires.

The latest of these wildfires occurred in 1831 as part of a series of wildfires in northern Sweden that year. The park has many burned stumps, and some old pine trees that have survived still show signs of the fires.

The national park is accessible by road. A small road due south off of the route between the communities of Fredrika and Åsele leads down to a lake named Angsjön at the eastern border of the park, where an information plaque, other basic facilities, and a hiking trail, leading through the primeval forest up to a hill called Björnberget, can be found.

The terrain is green and billowing, but look out for steeps and precipices. The forest is truly that of a fairytale troll with unpredictable, ancient terrain and loose boulders scattered here and there. The name of the park means the Land of the Bear in Swedish, and elk is also common here. So common, in fact, that it is not protected from being hunted within the national park. This means that anybody moving in the forest should exercise extra care during hunting season. Brightly colored clothes are a good idea.

The flora is limited due to a harsh inland climate, and archeological surveys have not indicated the presence of any settlements, though the area has traditionally been used for lumbering and timber driving.

Following is a translation of the conditions governing Björnlandet national park. I am neither a lawyer, nor a translator. This is for educational purposes only. Do not blame me if you get in trouble, yada, yada. The conditions translated into the text below apply only to Björnlandet. Other national parks have other conditions specified for them.

Public notice with conditions regarding BJÖRNLANDET national park; SNFS (1987:7)

Supported by 4 § of the national park ordinance (1987:938), the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces the following conditions for the national park according to 5 § second section of the environmental protection act (1964:822).

Within the national park it is forbidden to

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency can - if special circumstances are present - announce exceptions from given restrictions.

Further, it is prohibited without the permission of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to

Without hindrance by the above prohibitions, it is permissible

  • for staff authorized by the national park bailiff to conduct measures according to determined plan of maintenance
  • for an official in matters of the national park bailiff to use a terrain scooter on snow-covered ground or to land by aircraft
  • for an official in official matters regarding healthcare, police or rescue operation issues to use appropriate vehicle. Notification of mentioned matters shall be made to the national park management before conduct if possible, otherwise as soon as possible upon completion of the mission
  • to gather berries and mushrooms
  • to hunt and fish according to valid tenancies. When old tenancies expire, they shall not be renewed (does not apply to elk)
  • to bring an unleashed dog while hunting elk.

Passing into law

SNFS 1991:7

This public notice will pass into law two weeks after the day the notice according to information stated on it is released from printing. (Released from printing September 2, 1991.)

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